The Region

Our distillery is located in El Salto, Jalisco.

Our Agave is grown in the heart of Jalisco, where the blue agave has grown for centuries. Tequila starts with the agave. This agave is special because of the volcanic soil in the region; resulting in abundant flora that provides the agave its unique herbaceous scent and flavor.

Tequila is Mexico’s most famous spirit thanks to the protected designation of the Weber blue agave, tequila’s main ingredient. Mexico possesses the exclusive international right to the word “tequila”, having achieved the Denomination of Origin status, recognizing tequila as unique and authentic throughout the world.

 In Mexico there are over 200 species of agave but the Weber blue agave is the only one accepted by the authorities as a raw ingredient for the production of tequila.

Our Agave are meticulously cared for, inspected, harvested at the moment of prime ripeness—never before.

Only the most select agave progress to the slow cooking process to make Malinalli Tequila, balanced and aged for a remarkable experience every time.

Growing agave

We use stone/brick ovens. The temperature is gradually increased to 198° F, over a period of several hours. During these first hours of the process steam is generated and injected into the oven. Next, the pinas are washed to remove liquids from the cooking process called, “bitter honey”, to inhibit the formation of methanol. This washing also removes the waxes of the agave cuticles and other impurities that may result in an undesirable taste to the juice.

Carbohydrates contained in the agave are known as inulin, which in their original form can’t be fermented. The heating process, known as hydrolysis, can be recognized as having occurred because the agave changes color once the inulin has crystallized into sugars.

It is during this process that our experts begin to generate our flavors, and to produce the dark amber color. This is a characteristic hue that is produced by our unique combination of top quality ingredients and proprietary methods.


The process of extracting the juice, or “must”, is done with a grinding train which begins with a shredder, chopping the pinas into very small pieces. Then the agave fiber is sent through the mills, which consist of a number of very heavy rollers. The force of the rollers is carefully modulated to avoid extraction of undesirable cellulose fibers from the agave. During the milling the extract is combined with water, so that the juice obtains a 12° bricks value, which is the measurement of its sweetness. We now have our “wart” which is the liquid extracted during the milling process.

Agave milling

The most important process for our tequila is fermentation. Microorganisms convert the sugar of our “must” into alcohol. We have a unique yeast strain for the creation of our tequila. This process is done in equipment specially designed as bioreactors for the best anaerobic yeast.

Malinalli fermentation

First distillation – We use an apparatus called a still, which contains a large steam heating coil, to boil the liquid and separate the mixture of alcohols, water and other compounds that were generated in fermentation. They form a vapor which condenses into a liquid called “ordinary”.

Rectification – This is the last step for creating our tequilas. Following the first distillation, we begin to boil the “ordinary” in a slow warming process by further refining the alcohol vapors.

Malinalli distillation

Maturation is a slow transformation which allows Malinalli Anejo & Extra Anejo Tequilas to acquire special organoleptic characteristics. They are generated by slow resting inside 200 liter American oak barrels selected to provide a spicy and woody flavor that is smoothed by the taste of vanilla from our tequil      This process is carefully guarded and is done in warehouses with little sunlight and high humidity. Dilution with water is minimal and imperceptible on the nose, resulting in a product with great body and character.

There are many unique steps and ingredients in our Malinalli Tequilas where traditional techniques and knowledge combine with modern equipment and science to create a world class drinking experience.

Tequila aging

Our bottle is designed to be a work of art, crafted to hold the world’s finest tequila. Each bottle is individually washed and drained in tequila before it is filled. This sets the proper environment for Ultra Premium Malinalli Tequila. They then go through a quality check and are inspected for any flaws or impurities. The final product is boxed before being sent to be enjoyed by tequila enthusiasts everywhere.

Tequila bottling