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Instilled with deep respect for the unique and illustrious history of Mexico and naturally of tequila, Mexico’s native spirit, Malinalli Tequila is much more than tequila.

Malinalli is a legend, a woman, a figure shrouded in the past, deeply significant to the European ingenuity and native tradition of Mexico. Her history is complex, like the land that imparts its character into every drop of our tequila.

We make Malinalli Tequila at a state-of-the-art family-owned distillery in El Salto, Jalisco. Our tequila starts with prime agave, grown on the same family estate that for one hundred years has yielded some of the region’s finest agave. Only the most select plants are chosen for the slow cooking process. The sweet agave juices are extracted from the cooked agave hearts, slowly fermented then artfully distilled to yield an exceptional spirit with deep, rich flavor concentration and a dazzling bouquet.

Malinalli model

Malinalli was named after the Goddess of the Grass, on whose name day she was born. Mayahuel, the Goddess of the maguey (AGAVE) plant, ruled the Goddess of the Grass.


Malinalli’s mythical legacy has solidified her as a key historical figure in the creation of contemporary Mexican national identity. Born into a noble family and later enslaved in her youth, Malinalli was renowned for her beauty and graciousness. These qualities ushered her into the inner circle of the Spanish explorer and conquistador Hernan Cortés. After being baptized, she became highly valued for her intelligence and skill as his interpreter and confidante.

As both Cortés’s lover and advisor, Malinalli became the mediator between clashing cultures and thus greatly influenced the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Her greatest legacy is saving thousands of Indian lives by enabling Cortés to negotiate rather than wage total war. She bore Cortés a son, notably the first Mexican.