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Our goal is to create tequilas of unrivaled quality — sipping tequilas with balance, complexity and harmony. Our tequilas have been described as dangerously smooth, sophisticated, elegant and enjoyable. This is our commitment to quality and tequila tradition.
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Malinalli Anejo is our newest tequila. We will share the opinion of the well respected judges once it is rendered. We appreciate your patience.

Malinalli Team

Malinalli Tequila it’s dangerously smooth with a long agave-tobacco finish, and has earned major awards in 2013-2015. Malinalli Tequila its way more affordable than most Extra Añejos on the market.

Robert Haynes-PetersonWriter, editor covers wine and spirits for a variety of publications and is co-editor of the American Sommelier Associations

Malinalli Extra Añejo is sophisticated tequila with a rich amber hue and an alluring bouquet

Hector De La RosaBartender PhD
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