Malinalli Products

  • Malinalli Tequilas are much more than noble legend Malinalli Extra Añejo and Malinalli Platinum are luscious and critically acclaimed. Malinalli Extra Añejo scored an impressive 92 Excellent / Highly Recommended rating and was a Finalist at the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, attesting to its pedigree.
    Award-winning spirits authority, author and journalist F. Paul Pacult describes them each as follows:
  • Malinalli Platinum 100% de Agave Tequila

    Appearance: Pristine, translucent, sediment free.

    Aroma: Masses of inviting dill, black pepper, asparagus notes that are underpinned by a deep salinity; best part of this bouquet is its vegetal/salty/herbal thrust that immediately identifies it as agave-based, but is clean, acidic and quality-directed.

    Taste: Smoky, tantalizing, toasty, herbal (sage), mildly fruity, salty, tobacco leaf, crisp and clean as the acid level maintains the freshness and flavor direction.

    Overall: Its strength is its sturdiness and its personality, which looms throughout. This tequila retains what makes tequila so wonderful in the first place, the herbal, smoky sense of agave.

    Malinalli Platinum: The new ultra-premium blanco with character and elegance.

  • Malinalli Extra Añejo 100% de Agave Tequila

    Appearance: Pretty, bright, straw yellow/gold color. Flawlessly clean and pure.

    Aroma: Pleasantly vegetal and herbal (sage, thyme); low-to-medium saline; steamed asparagus. Slight bit of oakiness emerges with further air contact.Vanilla bean now as potent as the vegetal agave fiber fragrance; peppery (green).

    Taste: Oak-influenced vanilla bean is rampant at the early in-mouth stage; plus there is a modicum of green vegetable presence as the saltiness subsides.Big vanilla custard flavor is bolstered by green pepper (jalapeño now) and oaky resins.Delightfully rich and creamy, but neither unctuous nor syrupy.There’s a slight hint of smokiness/cigar box in the aftertaste and adds a nice finishing touch.

    Overall: Elegant, rich, properly zesty, salty, and herbaceous, the oak doesn’t eclipse the natural agave charm as happens in some Extra Añejos.